Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Makeup Tips for Indian Brides

South Asian and Arabic brides look is dramatic and bold with lots of brights colors.  Here are some wedding day makeup tips for the South Asian and Arabic bride:

It is definitely all about the eyes when it comes to South Asian and Arabic bridal makeup. Eye shadows in super bright, even contrasting colors, are used to match with the bride’s outfit. The key to wearing a lot of colors is to make sure they are smoked out and blended seamlessly.

According to  London-based makeup artist Angela Holthuis, the use of eyeliner is very important. “It sort of defines the culture, their beauty, in my opinion.” She prefers gel liners as they are easier to apply and are waterproof. “They are great for lining the inner rim of the eye and they stay put for hours, unlike pencils.”

With this much eye makeup, remember to use products that are fully waterproof and to make sure you keep your eyebrows in check.

Like the eyes, lips can come in bright reds, oranges and pinks. Steer clear from anything too pale to avoid looking washed out and make sure the color you choose goes well with the rest of your look.

Mehndi, needless to say, is a very important part of a bride’s makeup. It is traditionally done fully on the arms and legs but nowadays, brides usually go for a more subtle look and they try to keep the patterns modern.

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