Monday, May 14, 2012

Indian wedding flower ideas

Throughout my years of planning Indian weddings I have to say that the floral arrangements are one of my favorite parts.  The blast of color and inviting smell has me riddled with happiness every time.

Flowers play a huge roll in Indian wedding traditions.  For example, a Hindu wedding ritual is the saptpadi-vows where the couple sits under an amandap (canopy) decorated with flowers, holding a container in which burns a fire.  The fire symbolizing the illumination of the mind, wisdom and happiness.

Leaves are other elements present in Indian wedding culture. Banana leaves suggests prosperity, betel leaves (small tropical shrub) symbolizes good luck and rebirth, a tambool (combination of betel leaves, walnut and lime) are exchanged between the two to seal the covenant between two families, mango leaves suggests prosperity, happiness and purification. 

What types of flowers and rituals will you be entertaining at your Indian wedding?


  1. Hi, I apologize if I come across as rude, but do check the authenticity of everything mentioned on your blog...

    The altar is a "Mandap" not an "Amandap".

    The fire is considered to be the sacred witness to the wedding vows undertaken and symbolizes purity.

    There is no such thing as a "tambool" it's either a "tamboola" or a "tamboolam" and it does not contain walnuts - it has a coconut and betel leaves and betel nuts.

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