Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Indian wedding attire for grooms

Many times we focus on the beauty of the Indian bride but we also love our Indian grooms and feel that they need a moment in the spotlight.

Traditionally, an Indian groom's wedding attire at an Indian wedding tends to follow the customs of specific regions which makes for a variety of festive Indian fashion. 

For example:

  • Sherwani and Churidar Pants - The  Sherwani is a knee-length formal coat that's traditionally off-white but comes in many colors.  Some Sherwanis are decorated with jewels and embroidery, are without a collar and fitted at the waist.  Sherwanis are traditionally paired with churidar pants.  Usually, the color of the pants match that of the Sherwani.

  • Jodhpuri suit - This type of suit is sometimes referred to as a "prince" suit and has a western three-piece look; coat, trousers, and possibly vest. The Nehru collar is often on the jacket and/or shirt worn with the suit.Many times they're stitched with silver, gold or other color that may match the women in a wedding.

  •  Sehra - The Sehra is the headpiece worn by grooms at Indian weddings. Traditionally, the Sehra at North Indian weddings consists of the pagri, or turban; at South Indian weddings, the pagri is usually paired with a veil of flowers over the groom's face.

  • Footwear - An Indian groom may choose to accessorize his outfit with diamond cufflinks and/or brooches as seen in a Bollywood film. For footwear, the groom wear jutis, which are embroidered, slip-on shoes with up-turned toes.

Of course, the beauty of any wedding (traditional or not) is that it's your time to shine and show your personality. Although Indian wedding attire for men should  represents your faith or your spouse's faith, it should also reflect your personality.  A wedding in any culture is a highly symbolic celebration and dressing the "part" will make it that much more memorable.

What do you plan to wear in your Indian wedding?  We'd love to know so please post your comments below.


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