Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Fairy Tale Wedding Remembered...

Warlock Wedding Planners would like to share a very special day with you!  It was November 11th, 2011...a day fit for a king and his queen!  The marriage of two very beautiful people.  It was unlike any other and will be in our memories forever.  The wedding took place at the Hyatt Regency on Long Island.  It was a privilege and we were proud to do the event.  The entertainment production was presented by Bolly Arts.  Designed as though it was the beginning of a fantasy, the young couple were transported by an elegant horse carriage from the wedding straight to the reception hall!

The ultimate highlight of the entire episode was the Grand Entrance of the bride and groom.  During the festivities, talented women in red feathered costumes performed exotic dance and later, they transformed into heavenly angels in white, dancing in cherubic glory!  The guests were mesmerized as they stole the show!  There was hardly a moment that a single person was not displaying a pleasant smile on their face!

The complete affair turned out be quite the phenomenon and was captured with still life photography.  Even the guests couldn't get enough pictures!  We were able to give the bride exactly what she had imagined for her special day, from the mood of the music to the amazing entertainment!  She experienced the fairytale wedding she had always dreamed of as a young girl.  Even the guests expressed their heartfelt thanks as they, too, felt they had lived for a day in a fantasy!  They still reminisce about this wedding to this very day. 


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