Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finding your Wedding Planner....

You've found the love of your life.... he asked the 'BIG' question and you replied with a very excited
'YES!' Congratulations!! With that answer, the next step has been put into motion....finding the right wedding planner. Warlock Wedding Planners are renowned for creating some of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies in the world. Your dreams and desires are our expertise, so communication is very important....
During the interview, we will establish an accurate budget catered to stay within your financial criteria and meet the intimate details of your special day. We will negotiate prices with vendors to allow your preferences to be at an agreeable cost. You'll be aided in selecting materials, format, lighting, food and beverages, supervision of decor, selection of your wedding cake, etc. You will be informed of all organized tasks that will be fulfilled within certain time limits.         
We have all the resources, information and experience to guarantee that your wedding day has it's own unique style and flavor and runs smoothly, from walking down the aisle to throwing your bouquet! There is no substitute for excellence when it comes to preparing for your wedding. With Warlock Wedding Planners, we are indispensable when it comes to organization and making you feel confident that every detail will be taken care of.  Give us a call today to alleviate your worries.                             


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