Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Air is Thick with Romance in "Dubai'!!

Warlock Wedding Planners wish to give a big "Thank You" to all of our wonderful clients that we worked beside in 2011!  Both here in the states and across the oceans, you have really enriched our lives, and we hope we did the same for each of you!  We send many blessings your way for a rich and bright 2012!

Dubai" is focusing on a vast array of romantic adventures for upcoming newlyweds in 2012!  You will get the most out of desert sands and sparkling seas with a grand assortment of Arabian adventures.  A flight over the desert in a giant, colorful hot-air balloon will give you the ride of your life, followed by a champagne toast and a picnic of delicacies. Catamaran cruises are extremely popular, as they jet across the Persian Gulf at exhilarating speeds. And the sunsets will leave you breathless!  There is so much beauty to explore in exotic Dubai;  interacting with the locals and learning about the culture, the magnificent architecture, and strolling on the white sands of the beaches.....
The romance verily lingers in the air!  With an office located in Dubai, Warlock Wedding Planners are dedicated to creating the ceremony of your fantasies
We are professionals of luxury and pampering, and there are no limits to our capabilities. Specializing in well-versed east Indian traditional culture, we are proud to fashion weddings of unimaginable beauty!  What are your dreams and desires?


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