Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kunal and Rajika's Wedding Reception

What a beautiful day for a wedding reception.  The reception of Kunal and Rajika took place at the East Wind Spa, Long Island.

This was an elegant,  dazzling and perfect Long Island reception for a more than perfect Long Island couple. 

What I love about this reception, apart from the fact that the venue was gorgeous, is how well the colors were all tied up together. 

There was perfect harmony from the flower,s to the back lit stage, to the centerpiece,s to the bridesmaids dresse,s as well as the grooms best men sporting a purple bow.  A purple-pink and blue color palette surrounded the reception giving it the perfect color and elegance it needed. 

Of course it helps that we're able to work with amazing wedding vendors like House of Dipali and Elegant Floral design. Thanks, Kunal and Rajika, for allowing us to coordinate your special wedding day...many blessings to you forever.


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